KARY - Hurtownia tkanin.

Company description:

Good Polish cloth after the currently low costs and also offers wholesale fabric manufacturer. Wholesale fabrics are fabrics with low prices, wide product harmony. The manufacturer accepts tasks for individual arrangements graphical client. Clothes, bed sheets and socks of victory are sold on the domestic market for textiles. The vast array of commercial production of our product range includes: cloth and flannel bedding materials also peeled (known for its attractive design and color), flannel fabrics, denim fabrics and children. Wholesale fabric proposes different kinds of fabric. The skin that is covered with cotton linens can breathe and not sweat. On the Web site is listed range of fabrics are cotton fabrics, among others. Penalties have on magazines each of these types of fabrics.

  • Contact details

    Address: KARY - Hurtownia tkanin.
    Sasanek 65B
    Lodz, 91-490, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 +48 601-879-375
    WWW: http://www.kary-tkaniny.pl
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